Frances M Chambers 1819 – 1840

Source – Entry #634 in Paxton’s Marshall Family (written circa. 1885)

Frances Marshall, b. in Mason Co., Ky., March 7, 1819, d. February 25, 1840, = 1838, FRANK T. Chambers 1818-60. Cousin Fannie was a  fair and  lovely girl.  From  the age of fifteen she suffered from dyspepsia, which made her form and features angelic.  She was only five days younger than I.  As I received the fostering care of her mother, so she was cherished by my step-mother. Therefore we were companions throughout our early lives. She died soon after marriage, leaving an· only son.

Frank Chambers was a lawyer, and was regarded as  one  of  the most promising young men in the State of Kentucky. He was uncommonly handsome, a chaste and eloquent speaker, and an in­telligent and interesting companion. His life was short, yet he was married   three  times.   His  second  wife  was Elizabeth Daurrett, and his third, a Miss Flegar.. ·His last years were spent in Cin­cinnati.  He  became  intemperate  before  he  died.   His  parents were Gov. John Chambers, 1779-1852, and Hannah Taylor.