Financial Support

These financial contributions allow continued care of the Marshall Cemetery at Federal Hill, which in turn reminds us of the Marshall family’s life and times from 1800 into the future.

Shirley Moser MarshallSept 2019$1,000
James P. Marshall, IIISept 2020 $500
Dorothy Wood LettsOct 2020$1,000
K Marshall MonleyDec 2020$1,000
Mary Frances & Charles W MarshallDec 2020$5,000
Melissa Massie Shaw Bloch &
Lewis Stephen Bloch
Apr 2021$2,000
Marcia Marshall RinekJul 2021 $250
Mary Frances & Charles W MarshallSept 2021$3,025
Shirley Moser Marshall RVOC TrustOct 2021$5,000
Melanie Hood RankinOct 2021 $200
James P. Marshall, IIIDec 20222$1,000

These contributions not only assure our ability to mow the cemetery but also let us gauge our ability to:

  • place metal plaques on small concrete pedestals by each of the older, flat top, monuments.
  • Doing maintenance on the iron perimeter fence 
  • plantings, tree care and maintenance
  • ???

Future “occupants” of the cemetery must have a direct connection back to Col. Thomas Marshall (builder of the house at Federal Hill), or be directly connected to such a person (spouse, parent, significant other, etc.). Please let us know if you or those directly connected to you, are considering internment in the Marshall Cemetery at Federal Hill, so we can ensure appropriate space.

As we each have less ability to personally do cemetery work, (mow, paint, etc.), cash donations have become more critical. Our tax-free status requires we do not charge for gravesites, nor accept gifts designated for specific graves. Rather contributions must be made to the general fund of Marshall Cemetery at Federal Hill Inc. Allowing its board to apply general funds appropriately.

We hope you will also make a federal tax deduct-able, contribution. If so please mail checks to:

 Marshall Cemetery at Federal Hill Inc.
c/o Bill Marshall 
6083 Key Pike 
Maysville, KY 41056-8631

IRS Publication 1771 – Charitable Contributions
Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements