Information Resources

Deed for Marshall Cemetery at Federal Hill is recorded in Mason County Clerk’s Office Book 112 Page 156 Dated Feb 8 1885

PDF of locator map for Marshall Cemetery at Federal Hill, Washington KY 41056

PDF of The Marshall Family by William McClung Paxton, Baltimore MD

PDF of Paxton Wheel 

PDF of legend to Paxton Wheel

Remembrances of growing up near Washington KY written 1930s  

A Historical Sketch of Mason County

Map showing date KY counties were formed.  Note that Mason was formed out of Bourbon which had been formed from Fayette, All during the period the Survey General’s work was ongoing. This raised the need for a County Clerk’s office in Washington (the county seat of Mason) when it was formed.

“Western Adventure” by McClung (published 1839)- starting on page 174 describes one of Col Thomas Marshall’s  flat boat trips on Ohio River to reach Kentucky

History of Kentucky – Lewis Collins Volume 1 (Revised  in 1874)

History of Kentucky – Lewis Collins Volume 2 (Revised  in 1874)

Drone Video of Federal Hill Cemetery Fall 2017