Fannie Marshall, 1831 -1926

Source – Entry #684 in Paxton’s Marshall Family
(written circa. 1885)

684 Fannie Maitland Marshall, b. March 5, 1839, wears the mantle of her sister Maria (682).

For reference here is entry 682

682 Maria Marshall, b. October 18, 1836; d. December 24, 1862. She was an angel sent on a mission of love. Devoidof selfishness, her pleasure was to make others happy. Without a particle of guile herself, she believed all around her were good. Too pure and lovely for earth, she was translated, like Enoch, t.o receive her reward without delay

Since Fannie Marshall lived so long after Paxton publish the Marshall Family, there is significant info missing.

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Fanny M Marshall was born in 1839 in Kentucky, her father, Charles, was 30, and her mother, Phoebe, was 21.

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