Gilbert Adams, March 29, 1798 – Jan 20, 1872

Source – Entry #216 in Paxton’s Marshall Family
(written circa. 1885)

216 FANNY BROOKE, b. in Kentucky, about 1804; d. about 1844; =1st, William Irving, who d. a year after marriage, without issue;= 2d, Gilbert Adams, b. March 29, 1798; d. Jan­uary 20, 1872.

After the death of her parents, cousin Fanny was raised by her  Uncle  Humphrey  Marshall.  Under  the ,tuition  of her aunt, Mollie Marshall, she grew up into a charming womanhood. She  married  first, in  Woodford.   

During  her  widowhood,  I often saw her.  .She spent much of her time in Mason, and was admired for both beauty and  accomplishments.  Mr. Adams was a widower of Pittsburgh,  with  several  daughters,  one  of   whom  married Dr. Alex. K. Marshall (636).

Mr. Adams’ father left .quite an estate to the children of his son Gilbert. The latter was at one time a merchant in Washington,  Ky., and  subsequently  at  Mt.  Carmel. He died at the latter place and was buried on ” The Hill,” in Wash­ington. A handsome monument marks his grave,  with  only  his name and dates of birth and death.